Bra Size?

Hi all,

Bras, most crossdressers love bras. I’m not sure if it is because we wear them even though we don’t need them or because of what they are a symbol of. I bet if you talked to most women about bras they would tell you a story about their lifelong love hate relationship. They love the suport and the way a bra can accentuate what they’ve got. What they don’t like is the restrictive feeling of the bra. Now it is probably because I don’t wear a bra everyday and I don’t actually have anything naturally mine to support that puts me on the love only side. I love the feminity. When you are not a woman but want to feel feminine a bra is a logical accesory. When the Woman’s Lib movement was in full swing what did woman do, as a show of nonconformity? Burn their bras of course, not their panties or stockings but their bras.
This leads me to my next question, what is your bra size? Now I’m not trying to be rude, it is just that as a crossdresser we can have almost any size we want from A to DD and beyond. What I have found myself doing is trying a wide range of sizes. One day I’ll be unpadded B, while others it is a DD all the way. I guess you could say the size of my boobs depends on the mood I am in, like some kind of breast mood ring. So I ask you dear reader are you an A with what God gave you or are you a pornstar GG?



Splish Splash

Hi All,

I was thinking the other day about desires and where they come from. I have a very strong memory from when I was young. I’m not sure how old I was probably six or seven. My family was on vacation, we were at a beach somewhere and I was sent to a one person changing room to put on my swimsuit. When I closed the door I looked up and saw a black string bikini top on a hook on the wall. I really, really wanted that bikini top but as much as I tried I just couldn’t reach it. Eventually I gave up and put on my swimsuit. I’m not sure if I already had some kind of crossdressing urge or what but I do enjoy bikinis. When I was a little bit older I joined a swim team. I loved the competition and the training but I also loved being surrounded by girls in their one piece swimsuits. Like all the guys there I dreamed of peeling off those skin tight suits but I also dreamed of trying on their suits, feeling the Lycra clinging to my body. Now that I am an adult and can buy whatever I want (see previous post “shopping tips”) I have bought bikinis and one piece swimsuits. Not that I haven’t enjoyed wearing them because I have but the feelings of almost having that black bikini top and the feeling of wanting one of my female teammates suits were both so much more intense.


How far do you go?

Hi all,

As the title says, how far do you go? I am somewhat in the middle. I know some of us might only wear and play with panties, while others are strictly in to all forms of underwear. I like it all. I began like most with panties and progresed slowly to bras and other lingerie. Then it was natural to go on to dresses and skirts, tops and shoes. The girlier the better give me pink with lace over dull and drab anyday. I think this has to do with the truly boring men’s clothing we are subjected to.

Now I think a better question is how far do you go in public? I have worn bras and panties under my male clothes on numerous occasions. Any of you girls worn full female out and about? I have but it was very late and dark out. My wife was away and I had to take our dog for a walk. So I put on a lace thong 40DD bra with filling, denim flare skirt and a tight tank top. I walked around a secluded area in my neighborhood. It was exhilarating! I felt free, my breasts bouncing as I walked along the path. At one point I caught a glimpse of my silhouette and was shocked to see an outline of what I wanted to look like. It is a lot harder for me now, my wife adores me with full beard and I have relented. I must admit I like it for the day to day but it’s not like I could pass even in the dark now. So I have been toying with the idea of seeing how much femine clothes a can wear and still be seen as a normal guy. My plan is to wear panties and a bra of course, stockings, and women’s pants, flat women’s shoes as well as a women’s top. We will see how it goes, I really don’t expect anybody to notice me but I will let you know.


Shopping Tips

Hi All,

I have been thinking a lot lately about the art of shopping. Where as the average guy hates shopping, those of us that like dress love shopping. I find that I even plan my shopping trips. I go away a lot on business and I usually have places scouted out via the Internet as well as a list of what I am looking for. So here are a few tips that I have learned over the years.

First of all I am not a big fan of Internet shopping, not that I have not done it or won’t in the future I just prefer the bricks and morter stores. My reasoning is this, when you are at your computer and you find the perfect outfit, you can order it. Great. But you’re excited in the moment and then what? You have to wait a few days or even weeks, the thoughts you had of the feel of that silky negligée caressing your body will just have to wait. I don’t like to wait. I like instant gratification which outweighs any sense of embarassment I might have in buying women’s clothes.

As I said earlier I go away a lot on business which makes it easier to buy clothing with little risk of being seen. Personally I prefer to shop at stores where I am not waited on. I live in canada so some these stores might not be in your area but I think you will get the point. One store I like is called Winners. This is a clothing only department stores that carries men’s, women’s and kids clothing. It is marketed as designer discount store. What I like about it besides the fact that nobody will wait on you is that there is a wide range of styles and sizes. I have found beautiful bras for less than 5 dollars because of their odd sizes. Not a lot of women want a bright pink bra in a 40 F. They also have a wide range of lingerie that you wont find at a department store.

Another way to go is any of the big box stores, selection isn’t great but with the trend towards self serve checkouts there is less chance of embarrassment.

I also like Jacobs lingerie, La Senza, Garage clothing, La vie en rose to name a few. These stores I just mentioned do have sales people that want to help you. So you can either decline their help, make up a story about shopping for wife, girlfriend etc. or come clean and tell them it is for you. Personally I usually go for the first two but I hope to someday have the nerve to just tell them the truth.

Lastly one if my absolute favorite placed is used clothing stores. Obviously the selection is hit or miss but I have found some really great stuff from European lingerie to designer skirts all for a very low price. Nobody will bother you and I have seen a few like minded inividuals browsing the woman’s sections.

Now I know what you might be thinking. What about the sales people when you bought that massive pink bra? No matter how much you might feel it, nobody is watching you, nobody cares what you are looking at and the checkout girl is more concerned about her next break then the 5 pairs of lace thongs you are buying. She probably thinks they are for your wife or girlfriend and even if she suspects they are for you who cares. It is not illegal for you to buy women’s clothing. I have bought a lot of very feminine items and the most I have gotten is an odd look and the comment, “you know you can’t return underwear, right?”. Remember you are the customer which means you are in control. Sometimes in the midst of buying something I have thought to myself not only am I allowed to buy this, it is my right. So when you are out shopping hold your head high, look the people around you in the eye and smile content with the knowledge that you will get a lot more enjoyment out of the baby doll in your hand then they ever could.


Hi All,

I was thinking the other day about the young crossdresser coming up. When I was a teen slipping on my first thong the Internet was in it’s infancy. I remember the first day I got the Internet in my house. I literally stayed up all night jumping from one crossdress site to another. Not only did I feel validated, as in “you are not alone” but I was overwelmed. So without anymore rambling I give you some of my favorite spaces around the web.


I have been a member of the message board here since 1999. I don’t post much but I really enjoy the interaction. The questions that come up are ones that I have had. Don’t forget to search the posts since it has been around for a while.


I know this story site is famous in our circles but just in case you have not heard of it or you are brand new to dressing here it is. Tons of fictional stories of dressing or transforming into an opposite gender.


I am new to this site but I like what I see so far. This is a blog written by a gentic female whose husband likes to wear lingerie. Diffinitly a unique point of view. Lots if great tips and pictures.


This is a site that sells breast forms. Now, I have not actually bought anything from this site what I like is to browse their pictures and their links. They are very tg friendly which is very evident from their link page.

This is just the begining. I will let you enjoy these, I don’t want you to get overwhelmed. I will post some more in the future.


Tell Her Today

As I eluded to in my first post, my wife knows about my crossdressing. Now that’s not to say I told her on our first date, I am definitly not advocating that. I’ll tell you my story and maybe that will help you out.

I don’t actually remember when I had the first urge to wear women’s clothing. All I know is that when puberty hit my sister’s panties began to call to me. Like most crossdressers it began with underwear and progressed to full outfits. As a thirteen year old boy I was sure that what I did wasn’t “normal”. So it became a secret. As I got older and began dating I didn’t think to tell any of my girlfriends about my penchant for woman’s clothing. Then I met my current wife. They say when you know you’ve met the right person then you know. Well I knew and after week of dating a began to ask her to marry me. At first I was half joking but as time went on it became more and more serious. A little over a year after we met we were married. Before the wedding I purged, meaning I threw away all my feminine atire. This is something I have since learned that every crossdresder does at various times during their life.
As time went on I began to dress again, I switched jobs to one where I was required to travel out of town frequently.
Then one day about three years into the marriage I was caught. No she didn’t come home to find me in her wedding dress. She found my stash of clothing. I was confronted, I confessed and she brokedown in tears. At that point I was very scared that she was going to leave me. She didn’t but what I came to understand was that it was the lying that she was upset about, not the dressing. After much discussion she said she would slowly try to integrate my dressing with our life. The biggest problem was and still is that anything that has to do with me crossdressing reminds her of the lies. Lies you say there was only one. Well, let me continue the story, after I was caught part of the deal was that I was to stop and wait for her. No problem I thought, but it was a problem I lasted for a few months and then she went away for the weekend and I bought a couple bras and panties. I of course hid it from her and when she returned I thought I had got away with it. She found a tag with 40DD on it, the problem was that her size is a 34C, so obviously it wasn’t hers.

On hindsight I wish I had just told her before we were married I know now that not only would she have stayed but she would have embraced the dressing as it was part of me.

So where am I now? She knows but doesn’t want to see or hear about it in any way. So I am “allowed” to dress when away on business as long as there is no discussion, much like the “don’t ask don’t tell” policy in the US army.

In closing if the girl you are with is the right one she will accept who you really are, if she doesn’t then she probably wouldn’t have worked out in the long run. I hope that this can help even one person not make the same mistakes I did.



It is going to be a banner day. The begining of well something. To be honest I’m not really sure what this is the begining of.

I guess I will start where everybody else starts, with a description of me of course. I am a 34 year old crossdresser living in canada. Like so many crossdressers I’m straight, married with two kids. I have university education and work as a professional. One question you are probably wondering Is, does my wife know? She does but that is a post all to it’s own that will be explored at a later date.

So hello, it is nice to meet you, you have learned more about me than a lot of people I meet at dinner parties.

I’m really excited to impart some of the wisdom I have gained over thecyears when it comes to dressing. So maybe you won’t make some of the same mistakes I have and maybe just maybe you can become the person you want to be.